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Lisa Fearon

‘We only have one chance at life - Don’t waste it!’


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Who I am and how can I help you?

Hi, welcome to my website! I am Lisa, a Life coach, working with women who are at a point where they are looking for more from life. Feeling unfulfilled in some area of their life, maybe even feeling stuck and not knowing which way to go. Whether that be in a career, a business, health, finances, in a relationship or actually wanting to go to the next level in these areas. 

I have created a unique process integrating coaching and hypnotherapy with Chocolate meditation to help women realise and activate their highest potential in order to live a life without limits. There is no one doing anything like this right now. This process is powerful, highly successful and is leading my clients to achieve huge results in all areas.


I believe women hold a lot of potential that we have never been

taught how to access, let alone even believe in. In fact - society

has programmed us to shut down this potential to the point where our default is to play ourselves small in order to fit in and be accepted. 


Due to this, most women struggle with self-acceptance, self belief, self worth and ultimately self-love. Which shuts down our power and potential. When actually - we are master creators - we have the ability to create and form life within us. We just need to learn how to tap into this innate power that we hold within us!


I Coach women how to live from the place that will take them beyond the limits of what we're led to believe is a seemingly limited life! And re-connecting you with how powerful you really are with the right mindset - which I coach you to develop.

Ready to get started?

Working with me, my clients are able to explore what really sets them alive, what they're passionate about, what they feel is missing in their lives, and what they want more of! Along with truly appreciating, or accepting and learning from what is happening in the present.


I have a unique process I work with to help you find deeper meaning and life fulfilment. To really live the life you want, feel enriched and alive with the prospect of being a masterful creator and really excel in your life.



Found out

how I can

help you

5 ways I can help you




Every Friday I publish a new video, sharing tips and advice on how you can keep aligned with your highest potential and ways to live your life more intentionally in order to be the best version of yourself you can be. This community is all about thriving and going ALL IN! with each year, month, each day so you live life fully! 

Every year in January we run a free 5 day challenge to get the best mindset, daily habits and focus needed to go ALL IN. To create the best momentum and give the boost we need to start our year off strong and create goals that we keep and achieve.
Our #1 goal is to inspire & empower you in this community. I have a lot of people who come to me in need of direction, who would benefit hugely from coaching but don’t have the funds to access it. This motivated me to create this community - to enable anyone in this position to be able to learn the coaching tools and insights needed to make positive changes.



My mission is to inspire and empower people to really believe in themselves, know their worth and activate their highest potential to shift their dreams into achievable goals and live a life without limits - knowing that it all came from within themselves. 

I feel like every woman should know this and should have the opportunity to change the old programming we have - in order to be able to really live the life they dream of. And so I created this online program to share my methodology to activate your highest potential. I want this knowledge to be accessible to anyone - at an affordable rate.

This online course guides women through;


  • How to access the inner wisdom they hold.

  • How to activate their highest potential.

  • How to step into their most empowered self.

Then learn how to intentionally create the life they’ve always dreamt of from this place of power and potential. 





This is an immersive, transformational coaching session. Coaching you through my future planning process - to dream big and then chunk down into SMART goals that you will achieve!


This session includes my Dream big road map and productivity planner - as sold on Etsy. And together we will work through the goal setting framework and action steps to follow over 3 months to achieve your goals. This session can be very powerful and effective on it’s own or as part of the longer coaching program I offer.


Do you want more than a mediocre life? Do you want to aim for and achieve the best life that you can create for yourself? All successful performers have a coach. I don't just mean sports performers or actors, I mean anyone who has achieved their desire and vision that they have created in their mind.


A coach is important to keep building momentum, to evolve, grow and expand. To identify blindspots and develop more self awareness in order to become the best you can be. 

I have 2 Transformational coaching programs available;

  • Life without Limits - Need to describe details of these programs/ results received

  • Life Mastery.





I have come to be known as the 'Chocolate Coach' after creating a unique process integrating coaching and hypnotherapy with a Cacao Ceremony. Where you will be lead through a powerfully immersive experience of meditation with chocolate. I began working with Cacao after discovering it in Guatemala and leaving my career in medicine, to inspire and motivate women to live a life without limits. I trained with a Shaman for a year there, to use Cacao as a facilitator to heal the mind and body naturally. I am passionate about inspiring as many people as I can to learn how to connect to their highest potential, realise the power they hold, and live the life of their dreams. 


I felt this as my mission after I was able to overcome a debilitating chronic pain condition, Fibromyalgia, despite being told it couldn't be done. This motivated me to leave my job of 20 years in surgery putting people to sleep for a living, to waking them up to the power and potential they hold!


The Chocolate Coach

Amor Cacao products


*Soon to come*
Amor Cacao Tribe community membership

Exclusive membership to our private online community - Amor Cacao Club. Where you will have access to a monthly live coaching session/ virtual Cacao ceremony/ Cacao recipes, and lots of insightful facts about Cacao.


This membership will be available as a basic or advanced option.

Basic - Membership to the community only.

Advanced - includes monthly subscription of Ceremonial Cacao.