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Cacao ceremony Christmas gift boxes. Unique gifts of ceremonial cacao from Peru
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Purchase our Pure, 100% unprocessed raw Cacao paste to make your own yummy ceremonial cacao drink at home.


My work with the cacao came from discovering it on my travels through Central America. Where I worked with many shamans, healers and world-renowned teachers and realised how powerful cacao is. Not only in a healing capacity but also as a heart - opener and way to connect to your inner voice and true self.


I overcame a chronic health condition that I was warned by doctors could leave me in a wheelchair through working with Cacao, to gain deeper levels of self awareness and rewire my mind to assist my healing process.

Here you will find 2 types of Cacao products:

  • Pure, Ceremonial Cacao. For use in ceremony work, meditation, self-development and healing work. 

  • Raw, organic Cacao powder. For daily use, as a superfood and nutritional supplement.

I also have a range of Amor Cacao gift boxes.

Cacao Ceremony workshop events