Why Valentines is all about chocolate! 💗

Let's explore the love inspired by chocolate and how chocolate inspires love! 💗 It's February and that time where everyone talks about Valentine's day and the focus is on love. And so to celebrate that- I want to share with you over the next few weeks a love story about chocolate. 💗 Let's celebrate Valentines Day the Mayan way... Valentines day is all about love, but I am inviting you to enjoy it in a different way. To celebrate feeling high on life and loving just for the love of it! Love begins within, and once we master really loving ourselves that then overflows to others around us! So I'm all about showing ourselves some love! And what better way to do that then with some delicious

Are you ready to go ALL IN in 2018?

We’re already more than a week into the New Year. How has 2018 been for you so far? Are your New Year resolutions already a distant memory? Maybe you’re still on a diet/going to the gym/learning a new language (insert your resolution here!) but your enthusiasm and motivation are fading fast. Or perhaps you’re pumped, eager and showing 2018 what you’re made of! I hope so. Personally, I just know that this year is going to be my best year so far - and I’m going ALL IN to make the very most of it! And do you know what? I want you to join me! One of my long-time goals has been to build an inspiring community of creative, visionary, high achieving go-getters. Therefore, in the sp

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