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Welcome to your Ceremonial Cacao
Manifestation gift experience

Spaces available for July Cacao Ceremonies!
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Hello! And welcome!! :)


This is your special guide to working with Ceremonial Cacao and my future visioning mind-map process.

Whether you are totally new to Cacao ceremonies and working with Cacao, or you have worked with this before, this is a little guide to help you make the most out of your Amor Cacao Manifestation gift box experience.


Firstly, watch the video below to see how to make your own Ceremonial Cacao. Then below that is your video guide on how to use your future visioning Dream big road map. The link to download your future road map and guided visualisation to use are all here too for you to enjoy!


Including a guided meditation that you can follow to help you journey with your Cacao x

Guided Ceremonial Cacao Meditation - Lisa Fearon Coaching

How to make a delicious ceremonial cacao...

Download your Dream big future visioning road map here >>

If you'd like to know how coaching can help you achieve your dream and life goals - book a free coaching discovery call with me here.
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