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Welcome to your
Morning Kickstarter download!!

I am so excited to share these motivation kickstarter techniques with you!

I know first hand how hard it is to get yourself out of bed let alone embracing the day when you've woke up feeling ill, in pain or just shitty with whatever symptoms you're experiencing.

There's nothing worse then feeling so out of control over your body and how you feel before you've even opened your eyes. 

BUT!! There is a way to shift your energy from that low vibe, struggling to get out of bed feeling to high vibe "I've got this!" energy. I just need you to trust me and follow these next 10 steps & do your best!

No thinking required - just follow my lead ;)

First things first -
Let's get that vibration higher!

Step 1 - I want you to step out of bed and jump up and down shaking your arms and legs - For just 60 seconds!!

Step 2 - 

Guided Ceremonial Cacao Meditation - Lisa Fearon Coaching

Step 3 - 

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Heading 4

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