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The Morning kickstarter:
10 Simple Strategies to Energise Your Mornings & lift your mood when you're not feeling great.

The morning kickstarter:
10 kickass steps to shift you from 0 to 10/10 on a bad day.


Living with a health condition can be really challenging and overwhelming.

 From managing symptoms to navigating treatment options, it can be difficult to stay positive and motivated. However, there are steps that women can take to empower themselves and keep going.


In this free download, I have shared 10 techniques that are really simple to implement that will help you not only manage your condition, but also live your best life. 

I have designed this to be act as a support ladder to elevate you all the way from feeling unable to get out of bed (due to pain, symptoms, exhaustion, low mood etc) to feeling that spark that you love. Energised and positive for the day ahead! 


This 'Morning kickstarter' checklist is designed for those days when you feel your energy or spark for life is at a 0/10 or at similar low point.

Each step I share with you to follow is like a step up the ladder out of the hole or valley of despair having woken up disappointed at feeling at your worst. It is very difficult to trasncend ourselve from feeling shitty to loving life immediately - it takes certain techniques to shift our physiology and lift our emotional state in order to feel better. 

It is so important to consciously raise our vibration and frequency so we move through and out of the imbalanced freuquency of stress and dis-ease in the body. Research shows now that repetition of techniques like these create new neural pathways in the brain which in turn creates radical change in the body overall. 


By implementing these techniques, you will regain control of your health and overcome the obstacles that come with living with a health condition.


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I hope you enjoy your meditation experience, let me know how it goes.


Much Love, 



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