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Alignment Coaching Program

Make a commitment to really transform your life…

This will be 4 weeks following my amazing Alignment framework. Shifting you from feeling down, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed to feeling more free, more uplifted, more positive, more calm and much more balanced.

This will be a fun, interesting and interactive 4 weeks which is guaranteed to leave you feeling more uplifted, motivated and positive. 


  • 1 group hypnotherapy session on Balance and Alignment

  • 3 group coaching sessions

  • Alignment workbook

  • Daily Alignment rituals - How to start and end your day in the best way

  • Motivation toolbox

  • Self healing tools

  • Meditation playlist

  • stress management /relaxation tools

  • Resources package

  • Empowering self talk/affirmations scripts/ recordings

  • 'Emergency Go-to' self-care package​

  • Special bonus 4 week completion gift!

*Special one-off launch price*

All of this for just £159! 

Join me on this brand new 4 week coaching experience!

Begins 11th November 2020

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