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2019 Retreats...

 Upcoming retreats:

  • U.K based retreats launching soon!

  • Guatemala Creative retreat 2nd-9th Feb 2019

  • Ibiza Retreats - 4 - 10th May 2019

                                - 28th Sept - 4th Oct 2019



Guiding you through a journey of self-discovery, clarity and inner growth - to provide you with the ultimate healing and transformational experience!


If you are feeling overworked, in need of a break, feeling stuck and at a crossroads in life, or perhaps just seeking some time out to relax somewhere tranquil and beautiful to recharge; 


Then this is for you! A retreat like no other!



Previous 2018 Retreats:

  • Guatemala 17th-24th February 2018

  • Ibiza April 28th - 4th May 2018      

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