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Pure, 100% unprocessed raw Cacao paste.
Sourced straight from Peru and packaged in UK.
For use in Cacao Ceremonies. Meditation. Also known to improve brain function, mental focus, creative flow and athletic performance. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine, with over 200 active plant compounds which have amazing effects on the mind and body. Stimulating the release of the body's natural bliss hormones, activating parts of the brain that we wouldn't normally use - enhancing our visualisation ability, intuition and expansive thinking.
Make your own Ceremonial cacao drink following this video.


*The ceremonial dose is 42.5g. For those first using cacao in this way, start with 20/30g.

Check for a link on the label of your cacao for a free guided meditation you can use with your cacao!


**Pure Cacao is contra-indicated with heart conditions, and if you are pregnant or taking certain anti-depressants (that work on the MAO inhibitors) it is advised to only have small dosages. If unsure, please seek advice. 

This is a 200g sealed bag.

*£15 + p&p ( includes 5-8% WixPay/Paypal charge.)

Organic Ceremonial Cacao (Liquor) - small bag

  • Please note that shipping costs vary. UK shipping will be £5 for up to 3 bags of 500g Cacao. It has to be under 2kilos. Anymore will be an addistional delivery costs. Any international orders will be more then this due to higher delivery charges.

    If you would like to have your order delivered overseas, or would like to purchase larger orders, please contact us directly to organise this.

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