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Guide to meditating with Chocolate to activate your highest potential!

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Activate your highest potential through following my unique Ceremonial Cacao process. Create your own Cacao ceremony at home. Either just for yourself or with friends and family. Ceremonial cacao allows us to connect to ourselves at a deeper level, to our heart's desire, our highest potential. So we can see where any resistance to this may be, what might be holding us back from achieving our potential - whether that be in health, wealth, relationships, career and happiness. You can work with Cacao to facilitate your growth and expansion in any area of your life, it's all about intention and what we focus our energy and attention on in our Cacao meditation. In this session we can talk about the amazing power and potential that working with Ceremonial Cacao has in so many ways; - - Creative flow for writing, music, art etc. - Assisting our body to promote healing naturally. - Inspired ideas and actions within business planning. - Deep meditation for balance, calm, relaxation. - Natural stress relief, overcoming feelings of anxiety. - Connecting to your higher self and highest potential. - Future visioning - Dreaming big and moving those life goals into achievable steps! Your Cacao ceremony box has everything that you need to create a beautiful setting for transformation. However that may be for you. In this call, I can guide you on how to create this setting for yourself with your gift box contents and how you can develop a regular practice working with your Cacao to identify, understand and overcome anything holding you back from achieving your highest potential and living the life you really want. How to develop a meditation to assist you in how to dream big and move those dreams into SMART goals and achievable steps to get you there! This will be a very uplifting and inspiring coaching call to help you get the most from your Ceremonial Cacao gift experience. Dream big, be brave, believe in yourself, meditate daily and watch the magic of life unfold <3

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