Let it Go! - Saying goodbye to 2017

As we close out an old year, it’s all too easy to rush into the excitement of what’s to come. If the past 12 months hasn’t brought us what we’d hoped, sometimes it’s less painful to just “move on”. If we’ve had a positive and abundant year, we can get caught up in the celebrations, without pause for gratitude. However, the starting point for growth – whether that be your own personal spiritual growth or the growth of your business - should always be to take stock. It’s a busy period, but if you can commit to spending some time, any time, to reflect on 2017 before we head into 2018, I can guarantee that it will be time well spent.


- the events that went well for you (even if they were not as you planned!)

- the occasions that disappointed you (even if you “got what you wanted”)

- the things, beliefs and relationships that have brought you pleasure.

- the things, beliefs and relationships that have brought you pain. Think about what makes you “spark”. What lights you up? What makes you feel passionate? Are you living your life in a way that allows you to experience this spark, light and passion? If not – what is holding you back? What do you need to let go of in order to be able to be your true self? This knowledge will give you the foundation on which to plan the coming year and ensure that you achieve your dreams, goals and desires, and maximise your potential. If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you to live the extraordinary life that I know you are destined for, and how you can create a business that not only has a positive impact on the world but also you and gives you a deep sense of happiness, then book your free consultation with me today!


Wishing you a very happy Christmas and love, peace & light throughout the season, Lisa xxx

P.S. Scroll down to find out about the amazing bonus included in my brand new 6-month coaching package, launching 1st January 2018!!

Coming Soon!

My clients are living their very best lives – fulfilling their dreams and making a positive impact on the world! I want to show you how you can really make this happen for YOU! During the first week of January, I’ll be presenting a free webinar explaining how you can make exciting changes and transform your life through my unique coaching process and the power of cacao. Make sure you’re following me on https://www.facebook.com/LisaFearonCoaching/ to get all the details!

__________________________________________________________________________________ Work With Me – Plus Amazing Bonus! I’m launching my brand new “RE-Invent” 6-month coaching program on 1st January 2018! As part of this package, I am delighted to be including a retreat of your choice to either Guatemala or Ibiza! During this immersive transformational experience, you will be guided through a journey of self- discovery, actualisation and healing. Don’t Miss Out!

To ensure that each of my clients gets the support they need from me, I can only accept 5 people onto the “RE-Invent” program on 1st January. To find out how this unique coaching experience could help you to transform your life, and to book your place, including a divine retreat, click



My Gift To You

I’ve written an e-book giving you insight into the 7 Steps you need to take for Total Transformation! I use these steps to guide all of my clients on my coaching program, along with on our retreats - and believe me, they work! Download it for free https://www.lisafearoncoaching.com/7-steps I'd love to hear how it works for you! Lisa x

Transformational Cacao retreat, Guatemala

I am so excited that we are taking our Transformational cacao yoga retreats to the original home of our cacao! And where my spiritual journey began. This is going to be a real one-off and very special experience. 17th-24th February 2018.

See the brochure for prices and more details along with the retreat website page


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