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How to go ALL IN! with 2020...

Firstly, I'm going to say it - Forget about New Years Resolutions! Instead do these 3 things to have the most enjoyable and exciting year...

1 - Get clear on your intentions

2 - Clear your mind.

3 - Get into Alignment.

That's it. Real simple!

2020 Goals

My word for this year is Alignment! It is all about Alignment.

And my coaching theme for this year is Effortless Manifestation. Which is what mindfully bringing ourselves into alignment allows us to do.

  • To achieve the things we want, improvements and positive changes within ourselves without it needing to feel like work. In fact, it's more about it being fun and playful.

Alignment being the process of us merely getting out of our own way in a lot of respects. Aligning ourselves with the life we want, the person we want to be and the things we want to achieve.


Don't get me wrong, this time of year is great to reflect back over the year, to things that had an impact, great memories, achievements, opportunities, lessons learnt and things we'd do differently or want more of.

This is a powerful time of the year, because it's a transition phase. And as I've said before, everything motivated by intention is going to be powerful.

So I wanted to share these 3 things with you, to do this year in order to enhance all areas of your life without the need to write out loads of resolution/ goal lists or really do any 'work'.

1 - Set Intentions for the year and next 5 years ahead

- Of what you'd like to achieve, do and have in your life. Yeah write them down, but most importantly you're going to 'feel' these things in your life.

2 - Getting your mind clear

- Regularly visualise these areas of your life how you want them to be. (Visualisation and vision boards are great for this.)

- Develop some sort of practise to keep your mind clear, free from over-thinking and doubting. (This can be meditation, yoga, affirmations...)

3 - Getting into Alignment

- This is the word of the year right now. And is really the Secret and Key to enhancing all areas of our lives without it feeling like work.

Effortless Manifestation!

- This is about being clear about what you want and getting yourself into alignment with it. Surrounding yourself with everything that is at the same level and frequency of what you want.

  • The right environment (office, work, nature...)

  • The right people (We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time around)

  • The right energy (What gets you going? What makes you smile, makes your heart sing?)

  • What gives you those feel good feelings? Do more of that!! Lots more of that and less of the things you feel resistance to. Well find the balance, there are going to be some things we feel resistance to - as that's where we learn and grow most of the time. But if we're filling our time with more of this then the feel-good stuff, we eventually lose motivation and are more likely to feel stuck, give up or totally rebel!

I am so excited to be sharing these new insights on how to enhance all areas of your life, without needing it to feel so hard or like work that I'm offering my yearly free 5 day challenge going more into these insights, so you can really see the power they hold and how fun it can be!

So make sure you put this date in your diary - 20th January 2020. As this is our next ALL IN! 5 Day challenge to Rock Your Year!!

Click { here } to join our Facebook ALL IN! group for this FREE week of coaching.

Or come and join me on one of my 2020 Alignment workshops. Where we can work more 1-1 on your intentions and future visions.

2020 Alignment and Abundance workshops

London - 24th Jan, Hamstead Heath 2-4pm

Birmingham - 16th Jan, Deadwax, Digbeth 6-8pm.

For more information and booking click here to - BOOK NOW

Together we can make this a year to really remember!

Love Lisa x

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